Salikons filosofiklubb

5 maj 17:00 - 18:00
Upprepas ons varje vecka
For the first time in history, welcome to Salikons Philosophy Club!
In a time where information is getting more and more abundant, one should not forget that mere facts are often not nothing else than just the surface of an complex underlying structure. But how to get to the bottom? How to come to a conclusion if the number of contradicting opinions or maybe even reasons seemingly diverges?
The longing for insight and wisdom has always be the main characteristic of philosophy. "Understanding rather than learning" is also the slogan of our new smalandic philosophy club. We have weekly meetings at Tuesdays at 5 pm at the library of Smalands nations (this semester it's on zoom!), the meetings will be held in English. The idea is to discuss one chapter of an philosophic opus during these sessions. No preknowledge or sign up is required. Just step by an join the struggle of thinking:)
We start on September 8th with a start up meeting to plan for the upcoming semester, join our facebook-group for more information! 
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