Reccegasque ÖG VG GH

15 Feb 15:30 - 16 Feb 02:00

It's time for the (first) big event of the semester - The Recce Gasque! The recentiors (new students) are the main guests of this dinner party, which will give a taste of what VG has to offer for you. Great food and drinks will be served, and there will be first class entertainment! The sånganförare (Song masters) will adequately teach you how and when to sing, so don't be nervous, we'll take good care of any gasque debutants!

The Recce gasque is hosted jointly by Västgöta, Östgöta and Gästrike-Hälsinge nation. Predrinks and mingle will be hosted at VG, ÖG arranges the dinner and at GH we will dance into late at night.

Before the dinner we will all march up to the university house for a ceremony together with the other nations. Each nation's recentiors meet at their respective nation house - VG's recentiors at VG, ÖG's recentiors at ÖG, and GH's recentiors at GH - at 15.00 sharp. After the ceremony we will walk down to VG where we will have the predrink and mingle.


WHAT: Recce gasque, your first gasque!
WHEN: February 15th, 3 pm sharp for the ceremony, or 17 dk (17:30) for the gasque.
WHERE: Västgöta nation in Uppsala
PRICE: 310 kr (with alcohol) / 280 kr (alcohol-free)
DRESSCODE: Smart casual

Register latest February 7th during registration hours. Remember to state what nation you are member of, your allergies and beverage preferences.
Requires nation card