23 Sep 14:30 - 23:00
Calling all Uplanders! The time has come for the first gasque of the semester, the reccegasque! A night of good food, song and friends both new and old awaits us.
The reccegasque is the time to learn about the different traditions of the nation and meet all of its members.
Recommended dresscode: Kavaj (suit or dress)
Price: 275 SEK for Uplands' recentiors
300 SEK for Uplands' members
325 SEK for non Uplands members
Tickets are bought in the registration or the office during office hours.
Time: 14dk we gather at Uplands to march to the University aula for a ceremony (first come first serve).
17dk predrinks will be served at Uplands nation.
Requires nation card
S:t Larsgatan 11
753 11 Uppsala