Reccegask at V-Dala

23 Sep 17:00 - 18:01
Dear recentior, Welcome to Uppsala! Did you just move here and haven’t ever heard about the concept "gask"? Or have you lived in Uppsala for a long time and still haven’t been to a dinner at the nation? Do you feel like a deer on slippery ice? In that case, the reccegask at V-Dala is definitely something you should experience! 

You’re probably wondering: ”What is a reccegask?” Well, first and foremost, a gask is a formal dinner and is a very common event in nations. The reccegask is mainly for the new students in town. Together with both the old and new members of the nation, we introduce everything about V-Dala while we enjoy a tasty three course meal with drinks. We welcome recentiores with a speech, entertainment from our associations and committees, and songs from our song book. You might even come across a penguin or two. Have you never been to a gask before? How to properly toast with your glass is an excellent example of a typical gask-etiquette that’s taught during the evening, which makes this reccegask a perfect beginning of your time as a student in Uppsala!

 After dinner, we walk together to Norrlands nation for a fantastic släpp! Secure your tickets! You certainly don’t want to miss this! 

When: 23rd of September 
Where: The great hall @ V-Dala (S:t Larsgatan 13 for all GPS lovers) 
Price: 300 sek Time: 17 dk 
Dress code: Dark suit (knee-length dress / skirt or dark suit) 
Sign up by visiting the registration office or curator office during regular opening hours. Last day of registration is on 19/9. At the expedition and registration office, you can also purchase a songbook!
Requires nation card
S:t Larsgatan 13
753 11 Uppsala