Beerpong Night @ Taket

6 Aug 21:00 - 7 Aug 02:00
Welcome in for an evening with the long running favorite sport amongst students' - Beerpong! Gather your team, turn on your competitive instincts and get ready to tour in a brutal elimination duel against your opponents! Of course, a prize also awaits the winners - but above all, the honor!

- Setup? We will have a total of 16 teams with 3 people in each team. Register for the competition on site.

- Price? 100 sek for a team to participate in the tournament. The price includes free fries for all participants of the tournament.

- Time? We start the first matches at 21!
Of course there are alcohol-free options!

Nationcard/Guestcard required!
Requires nation card
S:t Larsgatan 13
753 11 Uppsala