Ebba's Café

17 Jan 12:00 - 15:00
Repeats Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri every week
Excluding 21 Jan, 24 Jan, 25 Jan, 26 Jan, 31 Jan, 14 Mar, 1 Apr, 6 Apr, 19 Apr, 27 Apr, 28 Apr, 29 Apr, 30 Apr

Welcome to Upland’s Nation's café!

The café is named after the Nation’s first female club master, Ebba Lundqvist. She was active 1926 – 1927. The café started up to the summer of 2020 and is the Nation’s day activity. In the café you can buy both food and fika for fair pricing. There are also study places available in the café.

Remember to keep a distance both to other guest and to the staff.

S:t Larsgatan 11
753 11 Uppsala