Orvars krog

15 Jan 15:00 - 23:00

Orvars Krog, Our Student's Living Room.

Our amazing chefs want to present the best of pub menus. Stop by and try our range of burgers or take a look at what's on our rolling menu of other options. For example, pytt, pasta or nut skewers!

At Orvar you can always find a good beer both with and without alcohol. We have two well-stocked fridges and several varieties on tap. The goal is to have a rolling range, so you don't have time to feel sad about a variety. The range of spirits leaves no one unmoved from the grated whisky to the smoothest tequila.

Our wild soda from Norrbotten is a refreshing soft drink with lingonberries, cloudberries or blueberry flavors. We also offer Norrländska fingroggar which is as good as the tastiest drink but without so much hassle. Of course, non-alcoholic alternatives are also available for these.


Opening hours:
Monday: 17-01

Tuesday: 17-00

Wednesday: 17-23

Thursday: 17-23
Friday: 14-23
Saturday: 15-23
Sunday: 17-22

Requires nation card
Västra Ågatan 14
75309 Uppsala