Antigås - 04-gasque at Norrlands

26 Nov 17:00 - 27 Nov 04:00
It's time for one of the late fall highlights at Norrlands nation: 04-gasken Antigås! Antigås can be translated to "anti-goose" and just as the name suggests, it's an evening that has nothing to do with eating goose.
? SITTNING (only for men)
Time: 18 dk
Price: 380/360 SEK (alcohol / alcohol free)
Dress code: Jacket
Theme: Germany
Registration: sent to
Time: 22-04
Pre-purchase: 80/100 kronor (members / others)
In the door: 100/120 (members / others)
Pre-sale tickets are sold at the reception: TBA
? Nation card required. 
Requires nation card
Västra Ågatan 14
75309 Uppsala