Orvar in exilium

8 Apr 14:00 - 20:00
Repeats Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat every week
Excluding 3 Mar, 3 Apr
During gloomy times, Orvar managed to buy the last plane ticket to escape reality and ended up in Discot! Orvars krog will end up in exile for a few weeks to come, due to the ventilation at Orvar being repaired.
March 3, Orvar moves into the house with the same good atmosphere as usual, but now in a different location in airy spaces with plenty of space. Take the chance to visit Orvar in exilium and try an updated menu!
Wednesday - Saturday: 14-20.
Entry requires a valid ID-document and nation card.
Requires nation card
Västra Ågatan 14
75309 Uppsala