Library of V-Dala nation

8 Apr 15:00 - 18:00
Repeats Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu every week
Welcome to the Library of V-Dala nation!

Our library offers course literature in A- and B-level courses in Archeology, Economic History, English, Ethnology, Philosophy, French, Peace & Conflict studies, Business Economics, History, Law (semesters 1–6), Literary studies, Musicology, Economics, Pedagogy, Psychology, Religious studies, Spanish, Statistics, Political Science, Swedish and German. 

The course literature, as well as our other literature, can be borrowed by all students who are member of a nation (except Skåne nation). In addition to course literature, the library owns extensive collections of reference- and other literature in the earlier mentioned subjects. This is especially regarding Law, Social Science, Economics and History. 

In addition to the earlier mentioned literature, we also have a wide collection of fictional literature, magazines and newspapers.

There is 24 study places in the library, a room for group-projects and a quiet reading room. All of these are located on the same floor. Both the group- and reading room are open Monday - Friday, 10-18. Wifi available in all rooms.

We follow the recommendations of The Public Health Agency of Sweden and act accordingly to the restrictions. 
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